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a site of the department of the Moselle

Archaeology in the Department

In 1985, following the first excavations at Bliesbruck (1979-1983) and the decision of the Moselle General Council to develop the site of Bliesbruck, a departmental archaeologist post was created. Reinforced by a second archaeologist in 1989, this centre is charged with the implementation of the archaeological policy of the Moselle Department primarily focused on the development of the Bliesbruck site, the Gallo-Roman villa of Saint Ulrich and the support to all archaeological activities carried out in the Moselle Department. From 1985 to 1994, this team together with Jean Schaub and the Study group for the development and management of the archaeological site of Bliesbruck (GESAB), conducted research in Bliesbruck while implementing the site's development project. In 1989, these actions took place within the Franco-German framework of the European Archaeological Park.
The departmental archaeological service, created in 1995 by the integration of employees of GESAB, expanded as from the 2000s its missions to preventive archaeology. Today this service, European Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim / Departmental Conservation of Archaeology, is integrated within the department of culture and tourism.


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